Katie Collins

Katie’s career has started and remained at Cottagers Plot Equestrian Centre.  From a very young age Katie has shown a strong interest in riding horses. She works and trains very closely with the yard manager, Sophie Brown, in the backing and production of young horses.  Throughout this time she has proven to be very brave and capable and over time become Sophies ‘right hand man’. Katie has completed her BHS Stage 3 in complete horsemanship and her stage 3 in riding and teaching.

Katie is Also the Chief instructor for our Pony Club she has a great rapport with all of the members, with great ideas to make riding and theory fun for the younger members with puzzles, quizzes, various games and imaginative riding exercises.

Katie has shown remarkable dedication to her training and is always working her way up the BHS system. She is a great asset to Cottagers Plot Equestrian Centre as a large part of her personality is incredibly caring towards all animals, making her very popular with the livery owners, often putting the horse’s needs before her own. She also has a huge passion for eventing herself and has recently took over the ride of Will and hoping to continue her eventing career.