Oreo is 11.2hh roan mare and is the youngest in our team! Oreo is great for the kids that are starting horse riding and a great confidence giver! Oreo has a great, fun personality and great for all her riders on the ground and riding her.

I can carry 4st 6!


Nemo is a 11hh Carmelo Shetland who adores kids. He is great at looking after the younger riders and starting their love of ponies

I can carry 4st!


Squiggles is a 13.2hh appaloosa gelding. Squiggles joined the team at the age of five years old. Since then he has proven to be a hit with everybody from the first time riders to looking after anybody wanting to jump a clear around their first showjumping competition. For such a little pony he has amazing scope happily jumping 1.10m!

I can carry 8st 9!


Mojo is a 14hh bay gelding. Mojo was bought with the equestrian centre and has lived here the majority of his life. Mojo was formerly the previous owners competition pony, gaining years of experience in showjumping and dressage. He now passes these skills onto his riders. Mojo also comes to life during his favourite pony games!

I can carry 8st 9!


5.2hh grey mare. Born and bred at Cottagers Plot Equestrian Centre, following in her mother, Molly’s, footsteps. Zodiac has always been an asset to the team. She has the patience of a saint, she truly does look after all her riders’.

“Zodiac is a real confidence builder and a great, good natured character!”

I can carry 11st 7!



Autumn is a 13.2HH black mare. She is "as safe as houses" and looks after her riders. She loves to jump and hack and loves being groomed so enjoys pony parties and care sessions

I can carry 7st!



Lemon is a 13.2hh palomino gelding. At the age of 4 he was bought by Cottagers Plot Equestrian Centre to continue his education. Before joining the team he was used to teach a number of children to ride and was also ridden by older children proving to be a great jumper. Lemon has now proven he is to one of the favourite ponies at CPEC and is a great step up from some of the quieter ponies here.

I can carry 8st 9!


Hermes is a 17.2hh Warm blood gelding. He is a true asset to the school due to being so kind and quiet for bigger beginners to learn on him as well as talented enough to have the ability to teach more advanced riders that wish to learn to jump and work on the flat. Hermes is half owned by Emily Goodwin

I can carry 17st!


Cookie is 14.2hh bay mare. Cookie is one of newest member of the team by started her life being a mum then got broken in and trained by the staff here at the Cottagers Plot. Cookie is one of the childrens favourites for grooming and being around.

I can carry 10st 5!


Ronnie is a 14.2hh bay welsh mare. Ronnie has now been part of the team for a while, whilst being at the riding school she has competed at local events and is one of the favourite for the riding school!

I can carry 10st 6!


Meg is 14hh piebald mare.
Meg is a great pony for kids to start their riding and learning on. Meg is very calming natured pony and loves to be around people and kids!

Browinie is a 14HH bay mare. In her younger years she was a competion jumping pony. Now she enjoys the slower life teaching children how to ride. She is fab and fun to jump and great agaisnt the clock!

I can carry 8st!



13.2hh bay gelding. Owned by Cleethorpes and Grimsby RDA. Hes a nice pony that loves lots of attention. He enjoys having a go at every activities and is a stern favourite at CPEC.

I can carry 10st!


15.2hh grey gelding. Bertie is part owned by Christina Poulton and previous to joining the team he competed locally in all 3 disciplines. Proving a favourite for anyone wanting to progress through the levels and learn jumping and dressage.

I can carry 11st 7!


Oscar is a 18HH Black gelding. He is a gentle giant and spent his former years eventing upto BE100 Level. This therefore making him perfect at teaching the more advanced riders in dressage and jumping. 

I can carry 17st!




Cracker is a 16HH Chestnut gelding. Owned by Cleethorpes and Grimsby RDS. He is gentle and patient and is excellent for the more advanced riders looking to improve their flat work

I can carry 15st!


15.1hh blue & white gelding. Owned by Cleethorpes and Grimsby RDA. A great starting point and is very steady and patient. He is fantastic and a firm favourite for our “extra activites” such as the hacks and beach rides.

I can carry 15st!


15.1hh grey gelding. Owned by Cleethorpes and Grimsby RDA. Smokey is a very friendly cheeky character. He is RDA’s favourite dressage horse. In the school he is one of the favourites and loves to jump! A great horse for the more advanced riders aswell as beginners.

I can carry 13st!


15.3hh grey gelding. Cougar is a very well bred horse and was originally bred to show jump. He joined the team after being tried and tested by Sophie and her team and is great for the more experienced riders. He has huge paces and an even bigger jump!

I can carry 14st 5!


16.3hh bay gelding. Bred by Sophie Brown. Alfie is a gentle giant who is a great horse for the more advanced riders to practice their dressage skills on, with lovely big paces and a very comfortable canter.

I can carry 17st!



Splash is a 14hh appaloosa gelding. Again like many others, Splash spent his younger years being a very talented competition pony, where he enjoyed his cross-country, completing many local open cross-country rounds. He has now settled for a quieter life teaching people of all abilities.

I can carry 8st 9!


15.3hh black mare. Betty is one of the newest members of the team and is already proving a hit with her fun forward going nature. Moving lovely on the flat but she is also proving that cobs can jump! A lovely asset to the yard with a friendly whinnie for all who enter the stable block.

I can carry 15st!


13.2hh skewbald gelding. A fun, cheeky chappy who is popular with children and small adults alike.

I can carry 10st!